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into the desired format.

Ideate Systems Company has introduced a new trend in document digitization services in India. Which helps numerous organizations in the nation to adapt to a paperless method of data storage.

We help with the conversion of your existing documents to their digital format. Which can essentially be preserved as long as you desire..

document digitization service

The process of converting any physical paper information or data into digital format, and storing them in the form of bits is known as Document Digitization

So, the digitized data has similar efficiency. Also, they are interminable.

At Ideate Systems, these various forms of data and documents on papers are converted into their digital formats. And preserved for a lifetime in the computer or cloud server in a well-managed folder structure.

These digital formats of data are converted into any form of data. And are inter-convertible from and to; texts, audio, video, periodicals, journals, e-books, images, business cards, TIFF, etc.

In simple words, it is the process of scanning paper documents in bulk.

  1. Space Management: It reduces the file purging and shifting them when required.
  2. Easy Accessibility: Digital Documents are available at any location to any user granted access.
  3. Security Improvement: Improves the security of the data as the data is saved as read-only files only.
  4. Customer Service Quality Improvement: The customer service in the sectors such as retail, banking, hospital, etc. is greatly improved.
  5. Easy Storage: These digitized documents can be stored and retrieved, easily.
  6. Little or No Damage to Data: Relief from fear of any possible critical damage to physical documents.
  7. Longevity: Save data for a lifetime.
  8. Reduce Environmental Degradation: As the requirement of papers are greatly reduced, so the felling of trees and, thereby, environmental degradation is reduced.

All kinds of documents are digitizable. These documents include:

  1. Newspapers
  2. Journals
  3. Books
  4. Magazines
  5. Photos
  6. Periodicals
  7. Manuscripts
  8. Letters
  9. Legal Papers
  10. Financial Reports and Documents
  11. Transactional Documents
  12. Medical records & X-rays, among other business documents.

These documents are scanned and converted into digital following formats.

These digital formats are TIFF, PDF, DOC, XLS, XML, JPEG, mp3, mp4, GIF, HTML, tapes, etc.

Why we are the best document digitization service provider company in Pune, India?

We, Ideate Systems Pvt Ltd., proudly claim to provide the best document digitization services in Pune, India. We are making a statement. And we prove our statement to be true, with the quality of work we provide to our clients. The quality of work provided by us in the Document Scanning and Indexing Industry is indeed proved by:

01. Experience:

Our team of experts and their expertise in this domain have been praised by many of our clients. Various complexities are maintained while digitizing the documents.

These difficulties include tracking, indexing, security and privacy issues, etc.

02. Quality Services:

Our team’s motto has always been, to provide the best quality service in digitizing the data, no matter what type of documents we deal with. We provide our very best service in retaining a document while complying with the client.

03. Manpower Management:

Our quality manpower management is the main skill of our top management. The right person in our team is assigned the right task. This is our commitment to our work.

Therefore, the output of our team has both class and quality.

04. Confidentiality:

Our employees ensure that all the client’s data are highly confidential. Data sharing not done with anyone without the permission of the client.

Managing the on-site projects with off-site storage sites i.e. client’s location. This tells volume about the care that we take in the matter of confidentiality.

05. Deadlines:

The challenges faced by our team refines the expertise of our team. And, we raise the bar of performance by providing quality work within strict schedules.

06. Hardware and Software Quality:

Today in the age of technology, people trust our calibre firstly, because of our team’s performance and secondly, for the state-of-the-art technology in use by us.

Also, our team regularly provides training and education on the industry’s best practices.

07. Process (work-flow) Management:

Everything at our organization done in a well-planned manner. The document digitization process is not done single-handedly.

But, the project’s workflow requirement decides the distribution of work within the team.

document digitization service

Being the top document digitization company in Pune, India is not always the piece of a cakewalk. Our commitments, quality work, the expertise of our team members, etc. have all contributed to our success story. Moreover, we all know that gaining a position is easy, but retaining the position is difficult. But for Ideate Systems, it is our persistence to provide the best bulk scanning and digitizing process in Pune. This has made us one of the top companies that convert paper files to digital formats, in India.

List of the sectors for which our Document Digitization Services are applicable:

The marathon tasks of Document Digitization, nowadays, are a requirement in every industry. The document digitization services have become a necessity in the following sectors:

01. Government Sector:

To maintain pace with the competing private sector, it demands among the public that all the services are available online.

Furthermore, this helps to cut short the budget by avoiding unnecessary spending.

We, Ideate Systems, provide our bulk document scanning service. Our motto is to make the task of the government easy.

02. Health Care:

In this sector, document digitization software is used to scan the documents such as clinical trial documents, patient’s medical record, etc.

Also, this helps to maintain a report of the prescription and medical receipts of all patients. This study, sometimes, requires further research. And is used to study the good and bad effects of medicines and drugs.

Ideate Systems specializes in the use of this software by its highly orderly team of experts.

Also, our company plays a key role in increasing the digital record maintaining process. Thus, it also keeps a track of the immunization programs, during the COVID pandemic.

03. Retail:

Data digitization benefits the retail industry, with the ease of accessing and navigating the digitally scanned data.

Thereby, it helps in improving the customer service quality which indirectly increases the productivity of the outlet.

Our team handles this document digitization process efficiently with the motto of client satisfaction.

04. Education (Library and Student documents):

Digitalization makes education relatively easier and simpler for students. Human error is minimum in accessing the efficiency of students.

The digital library provides the students, access to infinite resources for multiple contents.

Helping our younger generation to flourish, is our only aim. This appears true from our commitment to the perfect work we do in the education sector.

05. Insurance:

The insurance industry, has changed to risk predicting and preventing industry by the use of digitization. Ideate Systems has been a part of this revolution by helping in the digitization of office records of Insurance companies.

06. Research Industry:

The data digitization industry used in creating market research forms, helps to study. Thus, understanding the current business trends such as preferences of customers, performance indexes, etc.

Ideate Systems has helped this industry to move a step forward. We have digitized the records related to market research. This is done for future use.

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