Document Digitization Work-Flow Management [PROCESS]

Document Digitization Work-Flow Management [PROCESS]

While dealing with Document Scanning and Indexing Services, Document Digitization Work-Flow procedures followed by us are as follows:

Our priority is always to know our tasks i.e. client’s requirements in a better way. Our commitment to our clients is, totally, based on the inputs provided by the client. Therefore, we discuss every detail about the project from scratch till the end. This process ensures a proper understanding of the client’s requirements efficiently. 

Every project has a certain lifecycle. Document Designing Services is not an exception to it. Specifically, the process workflow determines the resource allocation like budget, manpower, etc., at Ideate Systems 

After the finalization of the deal, the client transfers the documents, to our organization.

The documents received from the client are evaluated, and shredded. They are, then, documented and ordered at Ideate Systems Pvt. Ltd. 

Digitization of office documents takes place at Ideate Systems, with our team’s expertise. Our expert team conducts the Imaging of Document and Converting them into required formats.

The digitized paper documents undergo Quality Checking. Our team of quality experts perform this task. Their skills make our finished output more perfect.It is the very important aspect of Document Digitization Work-Flow.

The scanned documents, then, sent to the client for feedback and approval, in bulk. 

Furthermore, the client’s feedback again taken into consideration, if considered necessary. It is subjected to further work to improve the digitized documents.

Moreover, the final scanned and digitized work saved either in the cloud or in the client’s-server, according to the requirement of the client. 

Thus, this completes the cycle of a project at Ideate Systems Pvt. Ltd.

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